Investor Options




Straight Percentage


Many of our Joint Venture partners prefer a straight percentage return on their money because it is reliable and predictable.

To these investors can offer a flat rate annual return of 8% or better. They receive monthly progress reports from us and

a quarterly dividend distributed by our service company.  


50/50 Split


Some of our partners are a bit more dynamic in their investment choices, to them we offer a profit split. This split entails a 50/50 split of all monthly cash flow and net profits at the end of the project. With monthly progress reports from us and quarterly dividends distributed by our service company. 


How it Works


We believe in the deals that we offer to our investors. Silver Hammer Joint ventures with individuals through their IRA and 401K institutions. In any Joint Venture agreement, both parties have a part to play. The investor funds the asset and workout expenses, and our team takes care of the sourcing, acquisition, management, conclusion and ultimate capture of profits. 


We encourage you to call us to discuss the possibilities.


Best number to reach us at is (512) 461-7868


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Silver Hammer Investments Phone: 512-943-2274

    Buying Notes is our focus, keeping families in their homes is our Passion. 

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