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Welcome to Silver Hammer Investments.  We are is a family owned, Texas-based real estate investment firm specializing in buying and selling distressed debt. We focus primarily on the purchase of 1st position residential liens in the major cities across the Mid-West and Southeastern U.S.


Our investment strategy is to purchase these non-performing notes at a fraction of their current value (an average of $.45 on the dollar) and either negotiate with the borrower to take control of the property or, our preference is, to assist the borrower to turn the loan back into a performing one, which enables them to get back on their feet and keep their home. Instead of rehabbing the property, our focus is to “rehab the borrower”. This way we create a Win, Win, Win scenario for the borrowers, the banks, and our investors.


The majority of our investors are hard-working people like you and me. People who have used their initiative to create a nest egg for their families in the form of an IRA or a 401K. Now they are seeking a better return on their money through solid Real Estate investing.  



Nicholas M. – 
“Silver Hammer Investments is your best resources for getting deals a great price. We’ll be investing with Laura for a long time to come.”
“I started working with Laura a couple months ago, and have seen firsthand her integrity. She is someone I will be doing deals with for many years!” by Cody S.
"Her ability to find the resources is rare and refreshing. I certainly recommend her to ANYONE looking for investment property.” Rick Wheat, CEO/Managing Member, Pinnacle Commercial Group, LLC
Matthew M. – Houston Realty “Laura is one of the most knowledgeable investors in Austin. If you want a property at a huge discount, she’s the gal to see.
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Silver Hammer Investments Phone: 512-943-2274

    Buying Notes is our focus, keeping families in their homes is our Passion. 

Copyright © 2010 Silver Hammer Investments, LLC, All Rights Reserved.  Investors to verify all information. Opinions of value/rents are given as a courtesy and no guarantees are expressed or implied.  Our properties move fast and so should you!!!  Owners of Silver Hammer Investments LLC are not licensed real estate agents.